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RV Buying Secrets: A step-by-step process to buy an RV at a fair price and get on the road 

By Mike & Jennifer Wendland

Next to your home an RV is mostly likely the 2nd most expensive thing you'll ever purchase.  

We get questions everyday of other RVers wondering. “How do you buy a new or used RV?”  

So we created a 70+-page downloadable digital guide to help you understand the nuances that come with purchasing an RV, where you can save thousands of dollars in the buying process, what the right questions are to ask dealers, what things to look out for, how to select the right unit, amenities, warranties, and so much more!  

This ebook is designed to help make your purchase process as smooth as possible. And to teach you step-by-step exactly what to do so you can start your RV Lifestyle today! Hurry before the price increases to $97.  

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Being able to finally live the RV Lifestyle is a very wonderful thing. If you’re like most people, you’ve lived vicariously through your friends, acquaintances, or even through us! You probably have spent years preparing for this phase of your life. We want to help you get through the most confusing piece of that journey and the piece that sets you up for the entire rest of your experience which is buying an RV!

We are Mike and Jennifer Wendland, publishers of the site RVLifestyle.com, we’ve been focused around providing the best content for RVers since we started in 2012.  


  • How to select the best type of RV for your lifestyle and needs
  • Insight into the pros and cons of the different classes and types of RV and how they affect your decisions
  • Help guide you through important factors to consider before you start your purchasing process
  • The great GAS vs DIESEL debate and the various pros and cons to both
  • Revealing the hidden COSTS when buying or owning an RV and how to account for those
  • Different ways to test out your ideal RV and make sure that it is a great fix for your lifestyle and planned use
  • How to determine the REAL value of an RV
  • How to find and track a FAIR price for a new or used RV
  • What the buying process should look like and how to avoid being pressured into buying a unit that isn't a good fit
  • How to buy and protect yourself when purchasing from a private seller
  • How to avoid or spot a LEMON RV 
  • What to look out for when buying an RV to save both time and money
  • What are your options with insurance, taxes, fees and much more...

After many years of boating up and down the East Coast, my wife Debbie and I decided we wanted to explore the United States Interior. I am 71 years old and in relatively good shape and did not want to postpone. After looking at innumerable videos and ads I stumbled on Mike and Jennifers website. I watched many of their videos and listened to their blogs and learned a great deal about many aspects of owning and buying a Class B RV. Their site was by far the most informative. We are looking forward to boon docking which we can easily do with this unit as my wife much prefers that to RV Parks. THANK YOU Mike and Jennifer  

- Bill Bisordi, MD  


A Guide Based On Years of Experience

With over 6 years as very busy RVers, we know a thing or two about what you might face when buying a RV. While traveling in our RV, we also run our YouTube channel, podcast, blog and newsletter. 

Fully Packed With Detailed Pictures and Instructions

We cover the most important factors to consider when buying an RV.  


Don’t waste time trying to cobble together information from blog posts, forums, and Facebook groups, learn how to navigate the RV buying process to come out with the best RV for you, the FIRST time, and so you don’t make the same mistakes WE DID on your first RV purchase. The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll be on the road for your first (of many!) adventures.  

BONUS #1 - Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) Checklist

This 240-point PDI checklist is designed for you to quickly and easily go through your potential RV inside and out. You'll be sure to spot any potential issues before you sign on the dotted line. (valued at $29.99)

BONUS #2 - Step-by-Step Buying Checklist

This checklist wll help you through the buying process from start finish. This will give you more structure in your purchase process so you’re not left feeling overwhelmed and confused. (valued at $19.99)

BONUS #3 - RV Buying Questions Checklist 

This bonus contains the top 21 must ask questions when purchasing from a dealership. Use these question to not only save on your purchase but ensure to quality customer service. (valued at $39.99)

60-Day Money Back Guarantee: 

If you don't LOVE this digital guide, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. Let me tell you why.  

I invite you to read the guide and use the advice, tips, and tricks to start your RV buying process. You’ll feel more grounded and confident in your decisions when you follow the process rather than “hoping and praying” the right RV falls out of the sky. You’ll be more aware of the more unscrupulous tactics that are out there and you’ll be ready and confident to purchase the best RV for your lifestyle.  

All I ask is you read, follow the process, and I’m confident you’ll be impressed with yourself and the rig you end up in. We have built this digital guide over YEARS of interviewing RV dealers, talking to friends in the buying process, and through our own buying experiences. So here’s my simple offer: If you don't LOVE this digital guide, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. It's simple: Grab the e-book and see for yourself.  

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Q. Is this guide a “hard copy”?  

No, unfortunately right now we are not making physical copies. We will be periodically updating this guide and when you purchase you’ll receive lifetime upgrades, so anytime that we have more to add to the guide you’ll receive an updated version.  

Also, when you download your copy, you are more than welcome to print it off at home to have a physical copy.  

Q. Should I buy this if I’m not planning on buying an RV for the next 1, 2, 5 years?  

Yes! The more time you have in your planning process before you buy, the better. You’ll feel more comfortable with making your decision and know that you’re getting the perfect rig for your lifestyle. 

Again, we will be releasing an updated version of this guide at a minimum yearly. So if you buy this year, you’ll automatically get the updated version next year and every year after that.  

Q. If I already own an RV, should I purchase this guide?  

If you already have an RV and are completely satisfied with your current RV Lifestyle then no, this guide isn’t for you.  

However, if you’re looking to “right-size” or buy/trade-in an RV then this guide will definitely help save you money or make your buying process go smoother.


This digital guide is meant for people who are either looking to purchase or "right-size" their current RV. If you have already purchased an RV and don't intent to change, you may pick up some good advice but you may not find the guide as useful.  

This guide does not cover exact instructions how to acquire financing or handling taxes. Since everybody's financial situation is different it is very hard to give specifics having to do with credit ratings, down payments, trade-ins etc, individual state tax laws and other similar advice. It is best to consult your tax attourney or accountant for help with your unique position.